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Movement & Games

Formal games classes are introduced in Grade 5. However, from Kindergarten onwards, children at the New Village School engage in running, playing, climbing, jumping/vaulting and ball games played in the context of a story and so on.

Critical is that the younger children have the chance to move in the most natural way possible. Children move because it is a natural urge and longing. This experience should not be clouded too early with the idea that one has to “win.” The children move for the pure joy of it.

Time is set aside at the beginning of every day and in classes during the week for movement for the entire school.

In Grade 5, students work toward a proficiency in their physical movements in order to participate in pentathlon. In Grade 6 students prepare to be a part of a medieval tournament.

Grade 7-8 see the student engage in competitions with other schools and they are encouraged to be as physically fit and agile as possible. In Grade 8 students participate in a track and field meet.