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Music & Musical Instruments

Led by leader of the Teaching Team, Meinir Davies, the students recorded folk tunes, tribal songs and traditional numbers from around the world. The New Village School Sings album was released in January 2012 along with a documentary, which follows the project from start to finish.

Learn more about the project here.

Music is an integral part of every day in the lives of children at the New Village School.

Each child learns to play the recorder, and the children are offered the opportunity to drum and sing. Each morning starts with all the children singing together. Thus their relationship to music is a very natural one and one that is nurtured from Kindergarten onwards. The children sing songs in many different languages thus also helping to retain the flexibility of the speech organs.

From Grade 3 onwards (or earlier if deemed appropriate) children begin to play an instrument. The instrument is chosen according to the child’s temperament, natural aptitude and interest. Reading music and keeping a high sensitivity to tone and pitch is part of the learning that occurs. The teacher creates an orchestra using whatever instruments the children are learning. Some examples are: violin, cello, flute, trumpet and drums.