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Our Philosophy

(Ancient Greece)

  • Where learning takes place through movement and conversation with your teacher.
  • Where academics are rigorous.
  • Where children grow inner resources to thrive in a profoundly changing world.


Subjects Matter: Why we teach what we teach

We create life: liveliness, movement, music, learning. We create context: an environment that responds to the needs of a human being to move, to sing, to be surrounded by beauty and to be continually learning. Our school is made of all these elements and more. Allowing children to be in movement means that they don’t need to be "motivated." They are inwardly moved, they are surrounded by things that invigorate them.

Through that, the more theoretical subjects are embedded in real-life learning. There is no subject that is not in the world around us. Subjects do not stand on their own. Environmental science, chemistry, mathematics, physics: these are theories about realities. They are all there for the children to experience. All we have to do is to awaken the children to the fact that these themes are there in the world and help them understand the explanations for these phenomena.

Our goal is to help children to not just think about how they feel but to feel their thinking and think about how they think.

An example of this: the children are experiencing gravity all the time. Our students experience gravity when they do a jump over a mound of mulch on their bicycles. First comes the experience and, when they are ready, they will be able to intellectually understand the concept of gravity because they have a body memory of it.

Our students are actively engaged in the experience of learning.