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With full measures of love, respect, rigorous academic challenge, music, community and fresh air, the New Village School cultivates an atmosphere in which children can remain inquisitive and are allowed to become deeply capable and responsible. Their renewable inner resources will help them thrive in a profoundly changing world.

–the New Village School Mission Statement

The basic premise is that everyone in the community feels responsible for the well-being of, above all, the children but also of one another and the school.

The school is seen as a living organism that is growing and changing. “Form follows function” underscores any governance structure chosen for a given phase of the school’s development.

The New Village School is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of elected community members, parents, and faculty representatives, who are responsible for the legal and fiscal health and management of the school. The pedagogy and curriculum is governed by the Teaching Team, comprised of the full-time teachers. The daily running of the school is the responsibility of the Management Team, which is made up of members of the Teaching Team in addition to two parent representatives.