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Cristina Cabrera

Cristina Cabrera was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. She received her teaching diploma from the University of Guadalajara. In Mexico, Cristina was a grade school teacher for a small school in the quiet community of El Tablero. There she taught for three years before returning back to her hometown of Guadalajara.

Once home, Cristina taught at a local elementary school, as well as at a night school for adults. After a few years, she decided to move to Nayarit, where she continued teaching and began studying archeology.

Cristina immigrated to the United States in 1985. It was in the U.S. that she married and gave birth to her two sons, Milton Jr. and Armando. When her children were in elementary school, Cristina discovered Steiner education. Shortly after her introduction to Rudolf Steiner’s educational model, she enrolled in the San Francisco Waldorf Teacher Training program. During this period, she taught Spanish at the San Francisco Waldorf School. She also taught in a home-school program in San Francisco.

Upon graduation from the Waldorf Teacher Training program, Cristina co-founded the Mulberry Classroom, a Waldorf-inspired school in San Rafael for children with learning differences. After leaving the Mulberry Classroom, Cristina worked at a private, Waldorf-inspired elementary school in Mill Valley where she was both the Spanish and Handwork teacher. She designed and ran a program where Spanish was incorporated into the handwork lesson, giving the children an opportunity to learn Spanish four days per week. During this period, Cristina also taught at the Lifeways Teacher Training program, providing adult education to preschool providers.

Cristina moved to the New Village School in January 2009 and shares her many gifts, talents and multi-cultural background with our children.

In addition to her work at the New Village School, Cristina also mentors Spanish teachers in the Bay Area.