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Meinir Davies

Meinir Davies was born in South Wales near a town called Llanelli. She grew up on a farm speaking Welsh and began to speak English only when she started going to school. After graduating from Llanelli Girls' Grammar School, where she was Head Girl, Meinir went to the University of London where she studied for five years. She graduated in 1976 with an honors degree and a post-graduate degree in Education and Child Psychology. Her first teaching position was in a large comprehensive school in London, teaching students up to University Entrance Examination level. Later, Meinir moved to Germany, where she worked in public high schools also up to University Entrance Examination level. In Germany, Meinir came across Waldorf Education and added a formal Waldorf Teacher Training to her public school training.

Meinir has been teaching children for 34 years. In addition to her work with children, Meinir Davies taught at the Steiner Teacher Training College in Mannheim for 11 years. She also taught at other adult education institutions, gave courses on Steiner education at Heidelberg and Mannheim Universities and held many workshops for teachers in Italy, Austria and at Emerson College in England.

In 2000, Meinir came to the US and taught in San Francisco and later at Santa Cruz Waldorf School before moving to a Waldorf-inspired school in Mill Valley. Meinir was the academic visionary during her four years while there. In addition, she served two years as Faculty Chair on the Executive Council as part of the leadership of the school. During her time in the US, Meinir has also taught at Rudolf Steiner College and in its extension programs both in San Francisco and Los Altos.

Meinir Davies is fluent in Welsh, English, French and German. She has a passion and talent for music which is demonstrated in her work with the children. Her culturally rich background brings an authentic and unique global perspective to her work as well. Meinir is a true academic visionary and will surely leave her mark on the world with her many positive and forward-thinking contributions in education.

Meinir Davies has two sons, Trystan (32 years old) and Garan (25 years old) who are currently living in Berlin, Germany.

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