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2023-24 New Village School Parent-Led Camping Trip

All School Camp-out at Butano Creek Camp! 

1400 Canyon Road, Pescadero, CA 94060

Check-in:  Friday, August 25th, 2023, at 4pm

Check-out: Sunday, August 27th, 2023 at 2pm

See pricing below (based on selection of cabin or tent camping/large capacity cabin).  Free for children age 4 and under. You may opt in for 2 dinners for an additional $20/person.

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More Details:

  • Pricing for your stay (free for children age 4 and under)
    • Camping in a large shared common field in your own tent: $40/person excluding dinners; $60/person including 2 dinners.
    • Treehouse cabins (5 available), each with 4 cots, electricity, lights and a balcony:  $450/weekend (includes 2 dinners).
    • Huckleberry platform tent units (4 available), each with up to 6 cots, canvas walls: $400/weekend (includes 2 dinners).
    • Toyon platform tent units (5 available), each with up to 5 cots, canvas walls: $350/weekend (includes 2 dinners).
    • Large capacity cabins (3 available), each with 12 bunks and woodburning stove: $40/person excluding dinners; $60/person including 2 dinners.
  • Several shared bathroom and shower facilities located throughout the campground. 
  • Friday and Saturday Potluck Dinner.  Those who opt in for dinners may select from meat, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free entrees.  Parents will supplement with appetizers, salad and/or desserts.
  • Large field for lawn games, activities, limitless family fun!!
  • Cars will be parked in a parking area a short distance from camping area and/or cabins.  Wheel carts/barrels are available if needed.

Enjoy walking/hiking in the old forest redwoods, lounging around camp, playing music with friends, napping in a hammock, exploring tide pools by the nearby beach, visiting elephant seals, preparing and eating meals together...

Stay tuned for opportunities to participate in co-creating a super fun New Village Community camp out, including planning activities, games, etc.!

After purchasing tickets, please visit this google sheets page to reserve one of the treehouse cabins or platform tent units, sign up for a volunteer shift, or for Friday and Saturday night music/performance lineup, or volunteer another offering!

To find out more info about the campground, please visit: Rent Butano Creek | GSNorCal Summer Camps