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Kindergarten simulates as closely as possible a harmonious, nurturing, home-like environment. In this setting, imagination and creativity flourish with children participating in meaningful tasks that develop coordination and cooperative social skills, while unfolding creative and imaginative capacities that build a strong foundation for later academics.

The program includes singing, movement, story telling, beeswax modeling, handwork, gardening and other artistic activities. Toys are made of natural materials, thus giving the children a strong sensory experience and an opportunity to use and develop their fine motor skills. Play as the best and most necessary learning experience in childhood is given a key place during the course of a Kindergarten day.

In the Kindergarten, stories from around the world are shared with the children, bringing to life human qualities, such as courage, kindness and honesty. Through oral storytelling, the children create their own inner pictures. They also strengthen their listening skill, memory skills and vocabulary.

Artistic work in the Kindergarten is an experience that guides young children toward abilities that can be transformed throughout life, for example, watercolor painting, sewing, finger-knitting, beeswax modeling, coloring, drawing and seasonal craft activities. These activities help to develop coordination and the ability to concentrate.

The teachers accompany the children, supporting their social interactions, helping them to play with each other when necessary and generally observing the children in order to ensure development towards well-being and health.

The New Village School Kindergarten children begin their day in movement and music with the children from the other grades. They then go to their own space where they can engage in the activities described above. Meals are shared with the older children, thus creating a strong sense of family and community.