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Welcome to the New Village School! We look forward to speaking with you about our vibrant school and loving community. The 2024-2025 school year application deadline was January 29, 2024. However, we have a few spaces left in kindergarten and select grades. We welcome your inquiries and interest!

Our Admissions Process:

  1. Begin our admissions process by submitting an Admission Inquiry Form.
  2. Request a tour of the school using the Admission Inquiry Form above and or...
  3. Attend an Open House. This academic year, we hosted four Open Houses. We will soon share dates for our Open Houses in the 2024-25 school year. 
  4. Submit an K-8 Application or Preschool Application once you have a good sense of our school. Visit our Little Village Page to learn more about our new preschool. 
  5. Schedule a meeting between your family (including your child) and two of our teachers. We prefer to host these after school at 3:45pm.
  6. Connect with a long-time NVS parent so you can learn more about our wonderful parent community. 
  7. Attend three visiting days for grades 2nd through 8th.
  8. Decision letters are sent in mid-March 2024 for 2024-25 school year admissions and as soon as possible for rolling admissions.

The current annual tuition is $19,500 for preschool and $21,500 for kindergarten through 8th grade. Although kept deliberately low compared to other private schools, but still a large amount of money for so many, the New Village School has strived to keep tuition at a level that allows a broad spectrum of economic backgrounds to contemplate joining our school. We are always open to discussing the financial aspect of joining our community. 

Watch the video below to hear from our students!