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Why do we do it?

  • We believe that in a time when the future is unpredictable, it is important to develop an inner picture, independent of circumstances, of what a meaningful inner life can be. This supports health on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.
  • When we know our capabilities, challenges, and how to overcome them, we have a sound foundation upon which to move into whatever circumstances may meet us, with a sense of confidence.
  • It is essential to feel at home, wherever we are. Therefore, in a globalized world, the ability to move easefully from one cultural perspective to another, from one language to another, and to have a deep sense of acknowledgment for our differences and similarities is vital.
  • The ability to reflect on one’s experiences, actions, words, thoughts, and feelings is key to fostering healthy relationships both in a personal and working sense.
  • Our students are encouraged to ask questions like, “What version of whose truth should I trust?” The closest they can come to understanding that is the development of a sense for what they feel to be true, based on as many perspectives as possible and their own inner authentic moral voice.
  • If our students know what moves them to use their energy for their own development, while giving room for others to develop, they can better find their place in any societal context, in a way that is right for them.
  • Being dependent on an external motivator can be detrimental or even dangerous. Understanding what hinders our ability to move forward is an incredible gift.
  • With so many virtual experiences available in our society, a person can get lost, not knowing what is authentic and what is not. That can lead to substantial detrimental effects on a psyche.
  • Kindness to one’s body, the vehicle which carries me; kindness to my feelings, which allows me to experience life in all its nuances, kindness to my intellect and spirit, which allows for a healthy love of SELF, allows for self acceptance.
  • Experiencing one’s own agency and ability to create and initiate life experiences is essential for a sense of wholeness, and thus fulfillment. Being able to step in to guide situations that are asking for a direction is exceedingly useful to any social group.
  • We provide young people with a sense of orientation in a time when many traditional orientation points provided by societies, religions, and cultures no longer exist.

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